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In the Past

African Americans have faced and overcome some horrific challenges time and time again. They succeeded death, beatings, brokenness, hopelessness, and every other misery you can think of. But through the grace of God and the support of family the African American has endured some difficult times.  Nothing but God enabled them to go on, even when everything else inside of them told them to wish for a quicker demise. The African American prayed for a better day for themselves and for their children’s children that one day their seed would taste freedom they could not.  The psychological effects of African’s being stolen and sold into slavery, made the African American value family more because of what their ancestors had to endure. The fact African Americans have survived is a testament that God answers prayers and the survivors of slavery are the best of the best of humanity.


Our forefathers and foremothers knew that God and family was instrumental to our survival. They knew without God and family our communities would not be viable or striving. There is something to be said about our ancestors who came before us, and gave us the blueprint for existence. God and Family are African traditions that have been abandon by African Americans. Many African Americans don’t know that God and family is part of their tradition in this new world. They are not aware why they are here or how they got here and don’t have any attachment to their history that they are destined to repeat. Our ancestors knew the importance of having God as a moral compass to live their lives. Some African Americans today use entertainers, professional athletes, and friends as their moral compass and they do not value family. The same things that got them here are no longer good enough for them to perpetuate. Instead of getting stronger, the African American has weakened the foundation of their existence. They left God and family to live in a world they’re not equipped for. When you leave who you are to become something, you’re not destruction awaits you.

How Can We Go Forward?

All is not lost for African Americans who have a rich and powerful history. The future is greater than their past and what awaits them is greater than their former. Much has been done to take African Americans off of their path and it has worked, but their path awaits them. They’ve travelled many roads trying to find their way home only to lose precious time they will never get back. They encountered deceivers along the way looking to capitalize on them because they were lost. They were not prepared for all of the trickery and deceptions they found traveling the wrong road. They did things and became someone else based on their surroundings. All the while forsaking their heritage and values forsaking richness for debauchery. Ancestors knew that with God all things are possible.  We come from a rich and strong background. Rich in history and strength and power. Rich with people who had a determination to make it through. We have been given the precursor of how to stand and forge ahead in very difficult times. We have been given the knowledge and the wisdom of how to make ends meet. However, somewhere down the line, we have become (dare I say) spoiled by certain successes and stature, that we have forgotten the long-ago staples that have held our communities together.

David Coney

About the 2n1 Founder

David is a native Savannahian where he graduated from Savannah State University with a degree in Engineering. He is currently employed with a leading aircraft manufacturer in the Atlanta area. He has been married for over 20 years and has a four children and one grandchild. David enjoys long walks on the beach, a good book, and a good conversation. He established Two In One LLC as a solution to help individuals and families to achieve a better life through God and family. Two In One’s Mission Statement reads: To bless the Lord at all times as Two In One connects and provides a service that will be a generational blessing.

Faith has been an integral part in our communities. It has been a part our lives that has given us hope and stability. We see our churches filled on Sunday’s with people seeking a word of hope and direction. There is a hunger that is present in the world right now, and people want something to hold onto to. Something that will reassure them that things will get better. Let’s face it: As a people, we have gone through tumultuous times, and have survived to talk about it. We have had a tenacity about ourselves that would not allow us to give up or give in. It is this same tenacity that we need now, and we need to teach our children.

Our grandparents, and great grandparents had this kind of tenacity. That tenacity, and dignity, and faith, that allowed them to take a job as a maid or chauffer when they were educated, but couldn’t get another job. It was their faith, and their love, and belief that things would get better, that had them working two and three jobs, doing menial labor, being subjected to condescending words, that tore at their manhood and fatherhood, and womanhood and motherhood. Yet they kept their faith, and believed that God would answer their prayers.

We find ourselves at a pivotable point in history where we must return to God and Family to reach our destiny.

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